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Episode 4

Martin: The hangovers have abated, the editing has been done and the three of us are proud to present:

World to Rights Episode 4

Enjoy some discussion while the country’s leadership decides itself.

And for your reference, some more articles to accompany the recording:

Digital Economy Bill

The Guardian highlights some clauses

Some people are already trying to bypass it…

…while other groups take up positions on opposing sides


What happens when you state the obvious…

What happens when the press go beserk…

What the hell do we do from here?

Belgium Veil Debate

Everything you wanted to know about the Belgium Veil debate.

From what I saw in my travellings since the recording, the Belgian veil debate ended with the full veil being banned. Joy.

If the stars are right, the next podcast will be recorded at some point in late June. Which gives you all plenty of time to get in touch to agree, disagree, tell funny stories or send us cake. 😉

Until next time!


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