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That time of the month

Martin: Gosh, has it really been that long already? Guess that means it’s time to record another podcast for our wonderful listeners! 🙂

This month we will mostly be discussing the general election and how much we hate Politician X the following interesting topics:

The Digital Economy Bill – Saviour of multimedia or a token gesture?

The Banning of the Veil – Belgium is in the throes of a debate over whether or not to ban the veil in public. What does this mean for other symbols of belief?

The Banning of MeowMeow – or is it possible to have a drug with a silly name, I mean who came up with that one? a policy defining whether a drug is good or bad.

And to whet your appetite, here’s some reading material:

The Debate over the Veil

Drug Banning Blues

A quick guide to the DEB

Thoughts? Comments? Preliminary rantings? Or even an anecdote related to the above? Send them to us! 🙂


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