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For behold, it is done

Martin: The wait is over: the editing has been completed and the podcast is ready for your consumption. Best taken with tea and cake. 🙂

Podcast 2

Warning: may contain Tesco, cash4gold, Police IDs and terror chipmunks.

Feedback? Comments? Want in on the fun? Let us know! We’ll read it out on air. Instant fame! ^_^


Useful Links

11 points about Cash4Golds practices

Just what is going on in Milton Road?


Podcast 2.2

Carol: Hello all!
Those of you following us here and on Twitter, will probably have noticed that podcast 2 mysteriously vanished into the ether. It did and it is truly better that way! Trust us, it really, really is.

We made some changes: no sharp objects, a naughty corner… and I am pleased to report that we succeeded! Podcast 2.2 will be available very soon. To whet your appetite and help you to sing-along at home, here are the topics we discussed:

AJ: How does big business interact with local communities or Tesco Vs Mill Rd, the final reckoning.

Martin: Cash4Gold, too good to be true?. Did you know Gold was valuable?!

Carol: Police Officers wearing ID badges. (Yes, I am sneaking in my NO2ID agenda (^^).)

As Martin said in the last post, you will be able to listen to the whole podcast or just the topic you are interested in.

Let us know what you think about the new format, the issues discussed and the podcast in general! Enjoy!



We had a meeting, noone died. Red wine was consumed. Cromwell was praised. Plans were made.

Plan the 1st – Podcast every 2 months. Same format as before (ie about an hour and a half long) but with half hour chunks available for download by those who just aren’t hardcore enough to handle our full glory.

Plan the 2nd – Put links to everything we mention on the podcast release documents. Possibly include a ‘load the link now’ feature sound.

Plan the 3rd – Tweet whilst doing the podcast recording, so you can have a live commentary of a show that is edited & released about three weeks later. It made sense at the time, which just happened to be when the second bottle was opened.

Plan the 4th – Continue to produce highly opinionated commentaries and discussions on how we would solve all the worlds issues if only people would listen to us, using recent stories in the news as the blue-touch-paper for the greatest pub-politics conversation available via download.

Plan the 5th – Maintain the policies of pointing out that people who donate bottles of red wine to our cause will be loved forever, continuing to hold The Fan in high esteem and eternal gratitude, and thanking everyone who sends our feedback and things to read out on the air.

In the name of Cromwell this we pledge to do as soon as we can, and we point out that you statutory rights continue to be unaffected!


Part Deux – The aftermath

Martin: Well, the recording has been done, the wine and pizza have been consumed and our wills have clashed. There was even some feedback to read out!

AJ is working his magic on the recording and we hope to have it ready for consumption soon. I know you can’ wait! 😉

As a special festive season treat, here’s some lovely artwork that was sent in by a kind listener:

He looks like he’s enjoying his cigar, doesn’t he? ^_^ Thanks for your hard work! Sadly, no-one has made us any action figures yet, but give it time…


Part Deux – Ever closer

Martin: Huzzah! Work will be beginning on the second instalment of our podcast. In order to give you a sneak peek at what we will be discussing, here are some links that we’ll be looking at and referencing during the proceedings:

Rupert Murdoch could sue BBC and block Google – Telegraph

As the BBC gets more transparent, so do its enemies’ motives – Guardian

Rupert Murdoch could sue BBC and block Google – The Independent

Thanks to our resident news hunter AJ for turning up this crop, among others. (Seriously, you should have seen the number of links he sent us!)

If you have any preliminary comments that you think we could include (yes, you too can have your thoughts read out!), then feel free to email them to us at

And with that little appetiser dispensed, I shall leave you to go practise my radio voice.


Part Deux

Greetings valued reader, listener and indulger of our fine wares.

Carol: one third of the first episode, here. Just a quick post to say that the next thrilling installment of World to Rights is going to be recorded in two weeks time, so if you have anything you would like us to include, please let us know. Feedback from the first podcast (yes we know it was rather long), topic suggestions, shout-out requests, offers of technical support, pictures of Ollie in a Che style or anything else you wish us to be cognizant of should be sent our way ASAP.

Thank you kindly!



Hello and welcome to this, the first post on the WorldToRights blog!

WorldToRights is a group of people who get together and make regular podcasts where we discuss various issues of the day and attempt to resolve them. It makes for interesting listening!

Our first recording can be found here:

(It does require a small download)

Our first episode is a bumper one, where we tackle new methods of vetting people who work with children and vulnerable adults, look at the state of the UK education system and discuss the recent postal strike that took place.

We think it’s great, but we’d also value your opinions as well. In fact, we’d like to hear from you if you have any feedback on the podcast or if you have any issues that you’d like to hear discussed. For any comments, you can email us on

We’re also on Twitter if you want to follow us – WorldToRights.

Well, that just about covers it for now. We’re currently working out a topic for our next session, so stay tuned for more details.

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