World To Rights is  a monthly collaborative podcast, wherein Andy and Martin (along with occasional guests) get together to discuss, debate, dissect and denigrate things that have been going on in the previous month’s news. Think of it as a low-rent combo of ‘Mock The Week’, ‘Have I got News for You’ and ‘The Daily Show’ with aspirations pretensions of ‘Panorama’ and ’60 Minutes’.

Taking a militantly liberal and middle-of-the-road view of most things, our two brave heroes offer free and open viewpoints as well as solutions to the news stories that have grabbed their attention: from politics through sports to movies, music, reality TV and anything in between.

They also offer answers to questions that people might have but are too afraid to ask in the ‘Stuff You May Not Know’ section, providing you with an audible alternative to Wikipedia or a Google Search.

Meet The Magic Makers

Part man, part myth, may contain peanuts. A podcast sound engineer in training, he enjoys roaming the news feeds for things that piss him off. Strong of opinion and occasionally loud of voice. When he isn’t putting the world to rights, he fills his world with cats, music, meat roasting on open fires and dreams of big, stompy mechs.

Librarian of fortune and able to order cheap drinks in 5 languages. Trained in Medieval European History and a master of the wry side comment. Martin provides the online technical expertise to distribute the podcast, finding WikiHow an invaluable tool. The Don Juan of the team, he tries to see all sides of an argument but always ends up picking his own!


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