Summer time… and the casting is easy.

Martin: Well, it was a little time in coming, but here we are: August’s podcast for your delight and delectation.

World To Rights – August

Here’s a quick rundown of what we looked at this month:

1. Death Penalty and E-petitions

The BBC provide a useful précis

…plus a look at these new e-petition things

MPS wade in with their own ideas on the death penalty debate

Back online at last: here’s where we got our statistics regarding the various petitions surrounding this subject

2. Riots, Looting and Chaos – oh my!

The various news sites are being rapidly updated as new stories come out on this subject, so keep an eye on your favourite news source.

Wikipedia provides a useful timeline of the events

An example of the damage and aftermath

Rioters handed in to police by relatives

Social networks were a bad influence…

But it isn’t all bad from an online perspective.

3. The perils of too much gaming and too much media hype

Mr. Staniforth’s site

The story in brief

The same story, but with a more emotive headline

The story as reported by The Periscope Post

4. EU funding and the UK

An information page from the European Commission

Information on the UK’s rebate

A guide to the beneficiaries of EU grants as well as links to find out more

Got any articles you want to add? Want to add something to our discussions? Feel free to comment here, email your thoughts to us to theworldtorights@gmail.com or tweet to us using @WorldToRights.

Tune in next month for… well, you’ll just have to wait and see now, won’t you?


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