It’s still technically September…

Martin: … so we aren’t late!

Our latest episode is now ready and waiting to be heard. This month, we had a guest in the form of original World-To-Righter, Carol. She was able to join up with us again and give us her take on the news and views under discussion. Thanks for being with us, Carol – it was great to see you again!

So first things first, here’s access to the episode itself: WorldToRights September 2011

And here’s the list of what was on the agenda, including articles and information of interest.

Strauss-Kahn’s scandal and what message this sends

A précis of the events

Exam Results and the usual issues

More passes, fewer places

Is it because standards are lowering?

Record number of potential students having to go through the clearing process

Aftermath of the riots and more fun with e-petitions

Summary of the story as of 11th August

If you have anything you’d like to add to our discussion, have a topic you’d like us to feature as part of ‘Stuff you may not know’ or have questions/comments on WorldToRights in general, we’d love to hear from you. Comment hear, send us an email to theworldtorights@gmail.com, tweet to us on @WorldToRights. You’ll then have your contribution included in our next episode.

‘Til then, fair listeners!


Summer time… and the casting is easy.

Martin: Well, it was a little time in coming, but here we are: August’s podcast for your delight and delectation.

World To Rights – August

Here’s a quick rundown of what we looked at this month:

1. Death Penalty and E-petitions

The BBC provide a useful précis

…plus a look at these new e-petition things

MPS wade in with their own ideas on the death penalty debate

Back online at last: here’s where we got our statistics regarding the various petitions surrounding this subject

2. Riots, Looting and Chaos – oh my!

The various news sites are being rapidly updated as new stories come out on this subject, so keep an eye on your favourite news source.

Wikipedia provides a useful timeline of the events

An example of the damage and aftermath

Rioters handed in to police by relatives

Social networks were a bad influence…

But it isn’t all bad from an online perspective.

3. The perils of too much gaming and too much media hype

Mr. Staniforth’s site

The story in brief

The same story, but with a more emotive headline

The story as reported by The Periscope Post

4. EU funding and the UK

An information page from the European Commission

Information on the UK’s rebate

A guide to the beneficiaries of EU grants as well as links to find out more

Got any articles you want to add? Want to add something to our discussions? Feel free to comment here, email your thoughts to us to theworldtorights@gmail.com or tweet to us using @WorldToRights.

Tune in next month for… well, you’ll just have to wait and see now, won’t you?


Podcast – July

Martin: True to our word, we’ve made the next episode following the new format. You can enjoy it here: World To Rights – July 2011

So what’s on the agenda this month?

1. News of the World, Phone hacking and what this means for journalism

The BBC gives the rundown on what’s been going on

2. EDL comes to Cambridge

What the non-EDL side think

A useful summary on Harry’s Place

3.1 Just what is the IMF?

The Wikipedia take

3.2 And finally, polar bears.

The Guardian takes a look at the history of polar bears

So just a little bit then. 😉

If you have any topics you’d like us to cover, if you have any additions, comments or other contributions or if you just want to continue the discussion with us, please do get in touch. You can comment here, follow us on our Twitter (@WorldToRights) or even email us on worldtorights@gmail.com

Until next time!


And we’re back.

Martin: Greetings one and all!

Gosh, it’s a bit dusty in here. As you may have noticed, we haven’t been as busy here as we might have otherwise been. Life has a funny way of getting in the way.

Well, we decided it was time to try again. But this time, we’ve got a different format. And there’s only 2 of us. (We miss you Carol!)

So, we have rallied our forces, designed a new format and are pleased to present Putting the World to Rights Mark 2 Version 1.

It’s currently in a large file format: if we get it compressed a bit more, we’ll replace the link.

As promised in the podcast, here are some links to information consulted:

Superinjunctions (We checked; it’s ok to read this stuff)

A Handy BBC Q&A
One way these super-injunctions don’t work…
Even those in charge of such things aren’t too happy…

FIFA’s woes

The scandal
It’s not like they haven’t tried to fix it…

Mill Road vs. Sainsburys

Conflict on the horizon for Mill Road

But this is how these communities do do good.

Britain’s Got Talent – a fix?

Brief summary of what happened.
Of course, there will always be blame thrown somewhere…

Any comments? Any additions? Any corrections? Let us know – we love receiving your feedback and input. Either comment here, or email us on worldtorights@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon!


Episode 4

Martin: The hangovers have abated, the editing has been done and the three of us are proud to present:

World to Rights Episode 4

Enjoy some discussion while the country’s leadership decides itself.

And for your reference, some more articles to accompany the recording:

Digital Economy Bill

The Guardian highlights some clauses

Some people are already trying to bypass it…

…while other groups take up positions on opposing sides


What happens when you state the obvious…

What happens when the press go beserk…

What the hell do we do from here?

Belgium Veil Debate

Everything you wanted to know about the Belgium Veil debate.

From what I saw in my travellings since the recording, the Belgian veil debate ended with the full veil being banned. Joy.

If the stars are right, the next podcast will be recorded at some point in late June. Which gives you all plenty of time to get in touch to agree, disagree, tell funny stories or send us cake. 😉

Until next time!


That time of the month

Martin: Gosh, has it really been that long already? Guess that means it’s time to record another podcast for our wonderful listeners! 🙂

This month we will mostly be discussing the general election and how much we hate Politician X the following interesting topics:

The Digital Economy Bill – Saviour of multimedia or a token gesture?

The Banning of the Veil – Belgium is in the throes of a debate over whether or not to ban the veil in public. What does this mean for other symbols of belief?

The Banning of MeowMeow – or is it possible to have a drug with a silly name, I mean who came up with that one? a policy defining whether a drug is good or bad.

And to whet your appetite, here’s some reading material:

The Debate over the Veil

Drug Banning Blues

A quick guide to the DEB

Thoughts? Comments? Preliminary rantings? Or even an anecdote related to the above? Send them to us! 🙂


A new domain, a new world!

Andy: After a couple of nights of myself & Martin hitting things with hammers we finally have our new URL sorted out!! Behold, the glory of worldtorights.org.uk!

And, in news that actually makes a difference to people, we have the mystery guest booked and confirmed for the next recording & are working on the topics to discuss. Ohhh, excitement!

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